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Firstly, let me say this is a dream come true! Being creative all my life it is wonderful to finally be able to turn my hobby into a business.
For years I created designs for family functions and get togethers. Personalised placemats for birthdays, Xmas poems and Certificates for Naming Days.
After many compliments I was encouraged to sell on Ebay with instant success.
Our main aim was to be affordable. We wanted our items to be inexpensive and obtainable for everyone.
Over the 15 years sucessfully selling on Ebay, facebook & our website I have made many friendships and have been given an abundance of advice from our customers has kept me moving forward .
So  many hours, more late nights and more of, "Mummy, are you off the computer yet?" and I will be loving every minute of it!
Please don't hesitate if you have any suggestions and I would love to hear any feedback.
Cheers Kerrie
ABN: 27 941 939 540